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Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Stylamer is emulsion grade Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) from Relflex’s elastomer range. SBR is one of the highest consumed synthetic rubbers in the world due to its versatility, enhanced abrasion resistance .

The Relflex Stylamer SBR plant is located in Hazira in the state of Gujarat, India. This plant has a capacity of 150 KT per annum and offers the complete range of dry and oil extended grades. It is integrated with the captive butadiene feed that is extracted from the petrochemical complex which is on site.


E-SBR is a versatile product and is used in wide spectrum of application.


Some of the major applications of E-SBR include passenger car and light truck tyres and truck tyre retreads. It is also preferred in applications such as conveyor belts, shoe soles, V-belts, moulded rubber goods etc. It is also extensively used in the manufacture of other products such as extruded gaskets, hoses, brake & clutch pads, automobile mats, flooring, rubber toys and adhesives among others.


Following are the grades offered by Relflex Stylamer

Properties and Applications
Relflex Stylamer Mooney Viscosity
ML(1+4) @ 100°C, MU
Styrene, %
Oil, PHR Oil Type Key Features Applications
SBR 1500 52 23.5 - - Good tack & slightly slow curing Tyre & conveyor belt
SBR 1502 52 23.5 - - Good processibilty & abrasion Tyre, footwear & mechanical rubber goods.
SBR 1509 33 23.5 - - Enhanced processibility & easier incorporation high filler loading Footwear, microcellular sole & injection molded article.
SBR 1712 51 23.5 37.5 DAE Easier incorporation of filler-maintaining good processability Tyre, conveyor belt, hose & mechanical rubber goods.
SBR 1721 54 40 37.5 DAE Excellent road grip & good processability Tyre tread (high performance type)
SBR 1723 48 23.5 37.5 TDAE Alternative to SBR 1712, lower rolling resistance Tyre, conveyor belt, hose & mechanical rubber goods
SBR 1739 52 40 37.5 TDAE Alternative to SBR 1721, better processing behaviour & improved abrasion resistance Tyre tread (high performance type)
SBR 1778 49 23.5 37.5 Napthenic Oil Alternative to SBR 1712, Good processability & easy incorporation Footwear, hoses, light colored goods & flooring
SBR 1783 50 23.5 37.5 RAE Alternative to SBR 1712 Alternative to SBR 1712 Tyre, conveyor belt, hose & mechanical rubber goods
SBR 1789 52 40 37.5 RAE Alternative to SBR 1721 Tyre tread (high performance type)